Medical Practice Marketing for the Internet

Course and lesson based subscription and solutions

Learn how to market your medical practice on the internet with guided courses, lesson plans andresources

You will learn everything from why and how you should be marketing your medical practice in the internet, how to get free high quality traffic, how to “Do It Yourself – DIY”, or have it “Done For You- DFY”.

The lessons are structured in bite sizes so you can learn on your own time from your desktop or any mobile device.

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BluePrint.MD – DFY (done for you)

Don’t have time to learn how to do it yourself – Blueprint.MD is your guide

Blueprint.MD Course will provide you the resources to have everything you need done for you. Build your website, including hosting and domain registrar. Market your website with professional SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), Local ranking, Reputation Management. Manage paid Ad campaigns such as Google Adwords. And so much more.




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Hosting & Domains for Medical Practices

Specialized hosting solutions just for medical practices, not something your “host daddy” knows about.

Picking out a web hosting provider can be daunting if you do not know what you are doing. Many people think that cheap hosting at services such as Hostgator or GoDaddy is the way to go – not always true. Just because they are big does not mean you’ll get the service you need.

Learn more about proper web host selection and the services we provide, even if you choose to pick your own and do it all yourself you still need to understand the pros and cons of Big Host vs Proper host.

Even if you have someone do this all for you, it is important that you understand the basics so you can ask the right questions and not get ripped off.

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SEO/SEM – Search Engine Marketing for Medical websites


Learn what SEO is and is not, how to avoid the major pitfalls.

Gain access to our professional selected resources and we’ll align you with the providers that best suit your needs, this is so much better than selecting an unknown provider by yourself and “hoping for the best”.

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Reputation Management for the Medical Practice

Protect your digital brand, gain massive patient feedback that drives more business!

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About Us

Medical Websites Academy (MWA)  is a learning and resource solution for medical practices.

Medical practices  eager to market on the internet, learn how to establish a web presence, how to market it or how to have it all done for you will enjoy and gain great value from the content course and solutions provided by practicing medical Dr’s that do just that – Market their services on the internet.

MWA provides guided Courses and lesson, expert subject matter material and solutions.



  • Medical Practice Marketing Specific Training Courses and Resources
  • Lesson Attachments and Questions
  • Training Videos and Audio
  • Community – Collaborate and learn with other medical practices
  • Solutions specifically for the Healthcare Medical Practice


Our Latest News

Is Medical Marketing Free?

Answer: It should be. What you might ask, how can this be? There were always three things that stopped me from thinking about marketing or at least prevented me from taking the next step. Money or cost. Not knowing how to figure what I got for my money. Not knowing where to start. In this […]

Learn Practice Marketing Online

Learn how to market your medical practice online, learn new tips, communicate with and learn from experienced practice marketers.

Talk to Our Experts

Ask questions, get guidance and interact with experts.( Dr’s and internet experts that successfully market medical practices online.)

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Members only medical practice marketing social community where you can share and learn from and even partner with others.


Top Experts


Dr. Mork has provided an insightful and comprehensive guide for anyone in the medical profession who wishes to market their services on the internet.  Dr. Mork discusses both tips and pitfalls to aid the aspiring medical marketer.  This instructional series will also have substantial benefit to those that already market substantially on the internet.  I’m not aware of a similar resource for physicians anywhere.

George Rappard, MD
Neurointerventional Surgery
The Los Angeles Minimally Invasive Spine Institute

George Rappard, MD